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nonleafletten injuries. >>> u.s. park police officer shot at a car burglar who tried to run him down in the presidio in san francisco. the officer was patrolling a section of lincoln boulevard when he noticed the suspect breaking into a parked car around 6:30 last night. the unidentified officer tried to stop him but the suspect jumped in his own vehicle and tried to run over him. the officer fired several shots at the suspect. it's unclear if he was wounded. >> the suspect was able to get back to his vehicle and try to run over our officer with that vehicle. we take the safety of our officers and of the visitors very seriously. >> a part of lincoln boulevard was closed for hours overnight as investigators processed the crime scene. san francisco police have joined the national park service in searching for the car burglar. >>> a downtown protest ended with 22 people arrested just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon that group marched down market street when police arrived protestors threw flairs, bags of paint, and rocks at them. one officer was hit in the head but wasn't seriously hurt
blocked on west 80. 7:42. let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. u.s. stocks are down after the concerns for highlight for corporate profits and slower growth in anshaw -- asia could drag dune the u.s. economy. >>> walmart and american express are teaming up for a card for shoppers. the blue beard card is designed to be an alternative to checking accounts. walmart says there will be cash cash there will be no -- there will be no monthly minimum fees. >>> general motors is hiring. gm says it will hire as many as 1500 workers to staff a new computer technology center in warren, michigan. the center is one of four gm plants to open in the u.s. the automaker says it could hire as many as 10,000 technology employees in the next three to five years. there are conflicting reports this morning on a work stoppage at the chinese factory that makes apple's icons. there was disputes between workers group and managers. work did stop on friday and production was paralyzed. both sides agree workers are on the job today. >>> red bull is about to offer something it's never tried before. it w
rerouted and are heading back home today. but now they have to go to four u.s. cities to get back home. >> all wait to london. >> reporter: instead of -- >> we were going to go washington to london. >> reporter: the sfo spokesman said more flights to some east coast cities could resume later today. if you have a red eye flight to boston or new york, you could be in luck. it will all depend on the weather conditions and the maimer airport on the east coast in new york and boston, philadelphia and washington. the airports have a lot of damage, not all of their flights may resume even after the storm passes. it's always good to call the airline ahead of time and check on your flight status before you leave. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the city of san francisco is making final plans for tomorrow's big giants' victory parade. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we've seen some of the parade floats. we're gonna show them to new just a minute. we are -- these are the barricades going up apartment 9:30. we're here along market street. this
. how police tracked the suspects down overnight. >>> the u.s. unemployment rate below 8%, for the first time in almost four years. how the presidential candidates are reacting. mornings on 2 begins right now. >>> good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, i'm dave clark. >> i'm torey campbell. it's friday, october 5th. talk about a busy weekend. more than a million people are expected to pack the streets of san francisco because there is a ton of events going on. tara moriarty begins the coverage in san francisco to let us know what the city is doing to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. >> reporter: we are at the america's cup official store. if you look here to your right, you can see one northbound lane there, will be shutdown this weekend between the ferry building and bay street to allow emergency vehicles access to the hub of all of the activities. around 6:30 this morning, a military convey, led by police came through in preparation for fleet week. today is also the quarter finals for americas cup with races scheduled this weekend. estimated to draw 40,000 people to the ba
from nasa and the u.s. navy will pay tribute to neil armstrong. he loved the navy and the sea, and his ashes were scattered in the atlantic ocean. today's ceremony will be held on the uss hornet at alameda point, we are feeling the pain at the pump with gas pricing soaring. some stations are breaking the $5 a gallon mark. cab drivers to delivery, busy to the commuter, nobody is liking what they pay at the pump. food truck operators say the cost of business goes up another $200 a month just because of the gas price increase. >> we don't want to pass that along to the customers, but at some point we have to. >> every time it goes down, refinery blows up, they jack is back up. it's like this on purpose or something. >> the spikes might be temporary, but if it a while, delivery charges and food prices could start going up for everybody. >>> higher gas prices have driven many people to wait in long lines to fill up tanks and dis-- at discount retailers. this is at a cots co. several stations with lower prices have reported even running out of unleaded fuel because of the demand. many econom
as santa cruz and san jose. the u.s.g.s. says that quake struck along the san andreas fault and was followed by several after shocks. the u.s.g.s. says a magnitude 5 quake is capable of causing cracks in walls and foundations but so far there have been no reports of any serious damage. >>> all lanes have been reopened on highway 101 in san jose following a collision involving multiple vehicles overnight. the c.h.p. issued an alert around 12:45 this morning after the collision on southbound highway 101 near the tully road off ramp. all lanes reopened an hour later. one person in the crash suffered serious injuries. >>> and that crash comes a day after another tragic accident also on highway 101 in san jose. three people died when the jeep they were driving in was struck by another vehicle near blossom hill road. the victims were from carmel and los angeles. >>> happening now, pg & e is working to restore power to less than 100 customers still without power in castro valley after a driver hit a power pole overnight. more than 4900 customers were without power at the height of
the wrestler. >>> tomorrow, a congressional hearing will look into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya that killed chris stevens and three other americans. lawmakers want to investigate allegations that ambassador stevens requested additional security but his requests were denied. they also want to know how five security agents at the benghazi compound at the attack became separated from ambassador stevens. >>> more proof the denver debate may have turned the presidential race around for mitt romney. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a few more polls and the candidate's reaction. >> reporter: a new poll shows that mitt romney is now leading 4 points. that's a very big turnout. because another poll showed president obama up by 8 points just last month. there is a margin of error by 3 points. here's mitt romney in newport news, virginia sounding very upbeat about his chances for a win in four weeks. >> people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're gonna win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this! this is unbelievable! thank you so much! >> rep
of being involved in the u.s. consulate in libya is now in custody in tunisia. he's from tunisia. according to "the daily beast" he report posted reports on -- he reported daily reports. the u.s. tracked him after he left libya for turkey. he was detained in turkey and then tent to tunisia. that's where he's awaiting trial. so far, u.s. officials have not been able to question him. >>> "reuters" are reporting officials at the white house and the state department were told two hours after the attack on the libyan ambassador that an islamic group claimed credit. one of the e-mails obtained from government sources, it's report, was that they took responsibility for that attack. >>> a new poll shows that the latest doe bait did not affect voters' opinions. 47% say president obama was the winner of the doe bait. while 31% say mitt romney won. but the president's favorability only increased to 1% and it was pretty much the same for romney whose paverrability picked up to 54%. the candidates are on a campaign -- favorability picked up to 54%. the candidates are on a campaign blitz today. >>> back
of bombings in aleppo. >>> the u.s. is plotting a strategy to take out the militants responsible r for the libyan -- responsible for the libyan attack. the u.s. is currently gathering intelligence and compiling information on suspects. options could include drone attacks, raids like the one that killed osama bin laden or joint missions with libyan forces. however, the obama administration is not expected to approve a strike before the november presidential election. >>> and a new report out today will highlight one of the nation's most wasteful counterterrorism programs ever. homeland security financed this. the record ads that the fusion centers were run by state and local officials with little oversight on spending. >>> people all over the nation are talking about this morning about a wisconsin television news anchor who on live television blasted a viewer who criticized her weight. >> the truth is, i am overweight. you could call me fat, and yes, even obese on a doctor's chart. but to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't know that, that your cruel words are
is revealing new details about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. this information comes after a high-profile hearing. alison? >> reporter: members of congress are demanding to know why there wasn't more security at the consulate this benghazi. what officials new about a potential threat and whether the obama administration intentionally tried to mislead the public no believing it was a random attack. republicans say denying more security was a political decision by the obama administration. >> i've heard they wanted the appearance of normization. that's what they wanted. that fit the obama narrative moving forward. >>> 7:16. the sky high gas prices in california may finally have peaked. aaa announced they expect to begin a downward trend after hitting record highs for the fourth day in a row yesterday. a drop of 50 cents to 60 cents in california wholesale markets has paved the way for prices to go down. that could start to happen as soon as today. the governor ordered early switch to winter blend fuel wills have help to lower prices but that may kick in, not kick in for a few more d
protesters attacked the u.s. embassy in been been ben ben gazi. they are doing that there. >> they are doing that blue angels show there. and get more information about that and the rest of the festivities in san francisco, go to ktvu.com and look for the hot topic section and there is a lot going on. >> a lot going on. >> uh-huh. >> you always warn drivers to be careful. >> keep your eyes on the road. >> keep your eyes on the road. we keep our eyes on sal. >> traffic is doing well around the bay area. as a matter of fact, looking at at the bay bridge, which is normal, for this time of the morning this is not unusual to have a big back up. it has become the new normal for this traffic to be backed up for a 25 to 30 minute they but no problems on the bridge. an earlier stalled vehicle, they removed that. bart is back on time by the way according to bart after earlier delays. this is north and southbound 101. we have congestion here on southbound 101 right there at the 80 split as you can see on the right-hand-side of your screen. >>> san jose. northbound 101 heavy traffic and 280 taking a bea
schieffer's brother was actually a u.s. ambassador in the bush administration in australia and japan. so there were a lot of people who felt he would not be on the straight and narrow. so far, it's not been an easy job to be a moderator in these debates. >> no, it has not. and we'll be watching it closely. jamie dupree joining us live from florida. thank you. and you can find a link to jame mip's blog on our website. just go to ktvu.com. pull down the news menu bar and go to our politics page. we'll be covering the debate at kicu because game 7 will be airing here on ktvu. >>> 7:16. details coming in about the funeral services for the late south dakota senator george mcgovern. a public view something planned for thursday at a church in sioux falls, south dakota. the funeral will be on friday. he represented south dakota for three terms in the u.s. senate. he spoke south against the vietnam war during his -- he spoke out against the vietnam war during nixon soundly defeated him. mcgovern was 90 years old. >>> a 9-year-old girl is in a pittsburgh, pennsylvania hospital after confusion over
by the coast. >>> the u.s. appears to be abandoning hope for a peace deal in afghanistan. "the new york times" reports that u.s. generals in afghanistan have given up a peace deal with the afghanistan. they are counting on the afghan government. >>> the average american household faces a $3500 tax increase if congress fails to avoid a looming fiscal cliff. automatic tax hikes and spending cuts are set to go into effect in january but "the new york times" reports that a bipartisan group of senators is work og a plan that would put -- working on a plan that would put off increases. lawmakers say no action will be taken until november. >>> president obama and mitt romney are taking a break from the campaigning, getting ready for the debate. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau to tell us with the stakes are high for mitt romney. >> reporter: a poll shows an 18- point lead among voters for mitt romney. the president will spend another day and practicing for another day. this is mitt romney's eighth day of prep in the last month. but he told supporters last week, he won't be using t
's pledging to designate china as a currency manipulator. that's a step no u.s. administration has taken for any country for 18 years. some say the moves would set back relations to china. they also say it could hurt efforts with china on issues with iran. >>> recent polls show president obama beating romney by just 1 percentage point in florida. >>> 7:16. the only vice presidential debate of the season takes place tonight in danville, kentucky. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what both candidates are saying about tonight's debate. alison? >> polls show most voters think congressman paul ryan will win tonight's debate. it's at center college in kentucky. ryan admits he's nervous but says he's gonna emphasize the clear differences between the obama and romney campaigns. >> joe biden has been on the stage before. this is my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. >> biden is much more experienced on the debate stage. he participated in 20 debates in the 2008 debate campaign. he said he's studying on ryan's record an he will mak
was one of four americans killed during the september 11th attack on u.s. consulate. he grew up in the bay area, and graduated from piedmont high school. the memorial is scheduled at 4:30 in the city hall row ton doe. >>> secretary of state, hilly clinton is taking responsibility for security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the obama administration has been criticized for denying requests for this prior to the attack. >> i take responsibility, i'm in charge of the state department, 60,000. the vice president and vice president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security officials. >> secretary clinton says she has appointed an independent panel to investigate the attack on the consulate. >>> the "new york times" reports that the pentagon and the state department want to help the libyan government create a commando force to comback extremists. last month congress approved shifting about $8 million from for aid to -- $8 million for aid for this. >>> only three weeks now left before election day. the presidential candidates hold their second debat
will start soon on u.s. military involvement in afghanistan beyond 2014. that's when the u.s. combat mission is supposed to end. both president obama and vi president joe biden have incy -- have insisted that troops will leave afghanistan by 2014. but in may, president obama and hamid karzai signed an aagreement that promised a u.s. commitment in afghanistan through 2024. it's not clear how many troops will be needed in afghanistan to meet the terms of that commitment. >>> 7:14. well, president obama and mitt romney back out campaigning again this morning after last night's tense debate in new york. >> reporter: president obama dropped in the polls after the last debate and he clearly showed up to try to revive his campaign last night. the two candidates hit a range of issues, interrupted each other and left no attack unanswered. one of the most tense moments was about whether president obama referred to the benghazi a terror attack. >> i want to make sure we have that clear. it took the president 14 days to -- he did call it an act of terror. >> can you say that a little loud, candy? [laugh
news from afghanistan. the u.s. military says a man in an afghan police uniform shot and killed two u.s. troops. it's not clear yet if the attacker was really an afghan police officer off just someone wearing a police officer uniform. before today attack, 53 international troops have been killed in insider attacks in afghanistan. here's more. >> reporter: well, it's a busy day for both candidates. mitt romney is gonna be speaking at a ralfully cincinnati. we're just waiting for him to come up on stage there. he has three stops throughout ohio where a new "time" magazine shows him trailing barack obama by five states. a poll by "the associated press" say the poll is edging out with women. hoping to gain more women, most women business owners took to the stang before mitt romney -- took to the stage before mitt romney. >> i don't think any politician should be making healthcare decisions for women. >> reporter: the president low pressure stop in -- will stop in ohio and become the first president to vote early. >>> in an appearance on "the tonight show" last night president obama said why
at the u.s. bank on bascam avenue. this is one of two banks that the robber has hit. this branch has a sign up on the door offering up to a $25,000 reward that leads to the arrest and conviction of any robbery at their banks. let's take a look at the man police say is responsible for the robberies. he's white, in his 30s, between 5'8" to 5'10" and has a stocky build. he has a goatee or a full 5:00 shadow on his face. beer sides the robberies in campbell, detectives have linked him to two in sunnyvale, one in san jose and in -- and nun los gatos. so far he has not used a weapon. >> so far in the six robberies there's not been any robberies. but in these crimes, it's a very serious crime and we have concerns about it escalating. that's why we're putting it out to the public hopefully trying to get leads on who the suspect might be. >> reporter: investigators say the robber acts very low key in all of these cases. he walks up to the teller. he hands over a note demanding money. at this point, police are not sure how he's leaving. if he's leaving on foot or in a car. that's why they are asking
of the -- may have to wait several days. other flights are feeling the effect, american, jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta. the airlines are trying to book people on other flights. this storm is causing major problems causing a significant effect on the west coast. it's difficult to say how long the cancellations are gonna extend to, obviously all of the frights are -- flights are canceled for today. i think it's reasonable to expect some cancellations tomorrow. the best advice for passengers and stay in touch with their airline. >> reporter: tsa representative told me this morning, the volume, in terms of passengers here seems very light compared to what it normally is. maybe people are getting the word before showing up. that's the best advice. we're live at sfo, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> hurricane sandy also affect ecthe presidential race. much for you at 7:15, how the storm forced president obama to change his schedule just this morning. >>> 7:0. let's check in with sal. let's see how things are moving this morning. how is 280 looking. it's a little bit slow. had a littl
the problem and pay a fine. >>> the u.s. supreme court begins a new term today, one that could bring rulings on affirmative action and voting rights. alison burns has more. >> reporter: the health decision, of course, was the big fi nayly. now the -- finale. now they are preparing to take on more explosive issues. the justices attended the red mass that includes a prayer. they are expected to tackle affirmative action, voting rights and abortion. there is a lot of speculation after chief justice john roberts upheld the health care form. >> a lot of conservatives are concerned that roberts has built up good capital and will and will push -- and will push things. >> reporter: reporting live from washington, d.c., allison darns ktvu channel 2 news -- alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> california will become the first station in the nation to ban therapy that tries to turn gay or lesbian teenagers stake. the vote takes effect january 1st. those who oppose the bill intended to -- intend to bill plan to enforce this. >>> a bill applies those convicted of murder when they were juveniles, if an
to mail a first-class letter or postcard. the u.s. is raiding the price to 46 cents. postcard rates also increased by a penny. but those forever stamps that you bought are still gonna be good even if you paid the current price of 45 cents. >>> people in berkeley are on high alert after a mountain lion scare there. people were told to stay inside while wildlife officers looked for the animal. but they never found it. >>> california public health officials are sending out warnings for people who visit a popular park in south take law toe. it comes after a clip munk testified positive for the plague. the rodent was discovered near the entrance of the visitor center. >> that has me a little bit worried now. i don't want any fleas on my dog or me. >> they might be sick. they might be dangerous. >> the health department is now urging people who visit a park to stay away from rodents and leave their pets at home. >>> it was two different endings for two bay area prayoff -- playoff teams. >> there is a ground ball. the detroit tigers are headed to the series. >> the atms did lose to the detroit
for collision it says has a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia will decide the case. >>> a 28-year-old golfer from sweden won his first pga tour event here in the bay area. he rolled that 4-foot final hole and won the prize.com. jonas blixt earned $900,000. >>> halloween is just two weeks away. and a website has named san francisco the best city for trick or treating. zillow.com ranked san francisco number one for the second straight year. san jose, came in at number five. they calculate this by using home value, a city walk store, and population density. they say the best neighborhood to trick or treat in, believe it or not, presidio lights -- heights. >>> a woman in golden, colorado told police a man in a blue car tried to kidnap her son over the weekend. police now say the man was just trying to use the boy to get the attention of his ex- girlfriend. the incident upset many people because it happened near where 10-year-old jessica ridgeway was kidnapped and killed last week. >>> your mother and i are gonna be taken
, foreign policy attracted new attention after last month's terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >>> an investigation is underway after someone circulated flyers offering free medical marijuana to anyone who voted in a recent southern california council election. no one is claiming responsibility for those flyers in pasadena. >> it's quite a mystery who sent it out. it's weird. >> officials say they don't believe the flyers had anything to do with the record voter turnout. one candidate has filed a complaint challenging the election results. >>> a complaint has been filed against an arizona nonprofit organization for an $11 million campaign contribution, right here in california. the group, americans for responsible leadership, gave the money to a small business political action committee. it opposes proposition 30. that's governor brown's proposal to increase the general sales tax and the state income tax on higher earners. a consumer watch dog group filed the complaint, claiming the arizona group violated state campaign laws by failing to disclose where the money came from. go
in spain says its software will allow ballots to be sent electronically to u.s. citizens living overseas. voters fill the ballot out online, then send them to a u.s. territory by traditional mail or e-mail. >> it's very important to be able to vote from here. i've been doing it for the past 10 years or so, and it's always been difficult and now it's getting easier, and with the system that we have developed, it's quite easy. >> the company says it has also developed electronic voting technology for elections in france, india and australia and other countries. >>> maricopa county in arizona made a costly printing mistakes, telling spanish speaking voters on about 2000 book marks and mailers that the date of the upcoming election is november 8th instead of the 6th. the elections department will now spend $30,000 printing new flyers and buying ads on spanish language tv and radio stations alerting voters of the mistake. officials say the misprinting was not intentional. >>> eight billboards in the atlanta area that offer voters a chance to win a gun are raising some eyebrows this morning. t
settlers. just yesterday. another israeli air strike killed two palestinians with ties to al-qaida. >> a u.s. about i plane focused. and took pictures of this. they worked to avoid a nuclear confrontation with kruschev. and in the end they claimed of victories as the missile left cube about and dismantled in turkey. >>> the romney campaign is suing the batsle ground state of wisconsin. it is not fair they didn't accepted ballots to the military personnel of at least 45 days before the election. >> it is unacceptable. that our military men and woman who allow us to sleep peacefully with our kid at home and at night p might be the of opportunity to choose their next commander in chief. >> we had 151 local clerks who missed the deadline. we have a number of redundancies and we know all of them got their if ballots so they can mark them and get them back k so they will be counted. >> the elections board said electronic of transmission helped to get the ballots out. >> now, it is up to voters to get them to bring this it back in time. >>> the u.s. postal service is struggling for months. now, it
were planning a terror attack on the u.s. embassy. the subject belonged to a new hill tant network. police made the arrests during a series of raids. they discovered bomb-making materials and thousands of other explosives. >>> they are participating in military defense drills. how they would protect israel from a missile attack. their patriot miss sim system had major threats and in the attack. in the event of an attack. they intercept missiles coming into tell aviv. >> they give us the best coverage. where they need us the most is where we set up. >> the best defense core possible. >> the u.s. was there during the first gulf war when they fired scud missiles. it can be bought in from germany and set up in less than 24 hours. >>> inmates at a washington state jail calls thousands of dollars in damage during a riot. it happened in a cell block in bellingham. they ripped chunks off the heating system and used part as weapons. they flooded the toilets. >> this could be a wake up call fort aging jail billing. >> very disturbing that the jail is in such a condition that the concrete is
is about continuing the mission to help cancer victims. this week, the u.s. antidoping agency issued a blistering report, claiming armstrong cheated his way to seven tour de france victories. >>> changes are coming to people who live in the south bay. >> it's kind of weird. it's been 408 for as long as i've known it. >> the three new digits people will have to dial in order to make a phone call. >> drier, warmer weather settling into the bay area for your weekend. i'll have what you can expect for your neighborhood, coming up. . >>> tropical storm raphael is pounding the eastern caribbean with heavy rain. the next big fear is flooding. the storm is about 135 miles south of st. croix in the u.s. virgin islands. experts predict raphael will get stronger and pass near or over the islands tonight. the tropical storm warning is in effect. puerto rico is under a tropical storm watch. >>>it is set to get warmer in the bay area, but at some lake tahoe ski resorts, there is already snow. look at that dusting on the top of heavenly! that is the heavenly ski resort in south lake tahoe, where ab
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